Welcome to our home, The Womb.  In existence in one form or another since 1996, whether as a Rolling Stone spotlighted pirate radio station, a streaming website, or a members only venue, The Womb is an oasis of music, art, and culture for those who seek the real Miami. We are the creation station.  Inviting all musicians while at the same time requiring a world class level of musical knowledge. From Richie Hawtin and John Aquaviva to Moby, Mike Nervous, Jody Wisternoff, Shaun Reeves, Holmar, Praslea and DJ Three, The Womb aspires to quench the undeniable thirst for something new, something special. It is a multifaceted platform for like-minded creatives to mingle, to enjoy, to inspire and to be inspired. A place where ideas are created and laughs are shared while satiating the intrinsic human need to dance. Each and every aspect has been carefully curated, with no expense spared, in order for you to feel the Womb experience. We have put so much love into every inch of this place for the enjoyment of all those fortunate enough to stumble inside our doors, so we kindly ask you that while you are here with us, you treat it as it was your own. You're in a sonic paradise, enjoy yourself but know your limits… defamation of anything inside is prohibited. Enjoy yourself, take it all in, but remember to leave everything as it is.

We are on a summer break. When we re-open, come share a day with us as we open our doors and welcome you into our home. Dance your heart out, relax, take a ginger shot, melt away in a ball pit or maybe splash around in a kiddie pool. Come as you are, we love you. We worked really hard to bring this oasis into existence, take care of it. It’s yours.

As you become a member of our family you will experience music in ways you may never have experienced before. You will meet and share ideas, moments, & quickly realize you are with your people. Our love for creation has brought us together, love and respect is our state of being and we invite you to be a part of it.

The Womb is is a private members only venue.

“From the moment I step through its doors, I promise to let the energy of the Womb transcend me. My intention is to portray the best of my character & be self aware in my demeanor. I’m here to share in an experience & to enhance said experience is my purpose.  All potential vibe killers will be checked at the door where they will keep the spirit of the womb safe from their darkness.

We are brothers & sisters in the Womb.”